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    Ranks Explained


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    Ranks Explained

    Post by Cosmo on Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:31 pm

    Operator - Generally helps with minor issues and disputes. Here to offer a sense of order when there is no higher authority. Generally RPs with others often.

    Moderator - Essentially a Basic Admin. Has almost every Admin permissions. First Staff rank to have the ability to greatly impact server security. Expect less RP times since generally there are problems everywhere that need to be attended to.

    Admin - The generic Admin. With great power comes great responsibility. The go to guy for problems for their knowledge on the server. Very limited RP time, as almost all server decisions are made by you.


    -Applicant has at least one week of experience with his/her old position.
    -Applicant does not have any recent abuse complaints.
    -Applicant has played a sufficient number of hours since receiving admin.
    -Applicant has support from fellow players and higher up admins.*
    -Applicant is an active member of the forums.

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