Atomic Role Play Is A Semi-Serious Dark Role Play Server On Garrysmod



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    Respect all players.
    Use Common Sense
    Don't abuse your freedoms of Wire mod and other tools.
    Do not break NLR which is 2 minutes (You may return to your point of death after 2 minutes UNLESS being Raided See Rule 16)
    Don't bug the Admins with stupid stuff.
    Don't change jobs during a Raid.
    Do not advertise other server or communities.
    Do not chat spam. (Send massive/repeated messages constantly, Punishment is a Mute.)
    Do not mic spam. (Playing sounds/music for an extended amount of time, Punishment is a Gag) This excludes DJ.
    Do not Mass disrespect/ harass/ troll/ your fellow players. Be nice.
    Do not evade or avoid punishment. (We have your Steam ID and Ip's)
    Do not edit, physgun, push keyboard keys to open doors or build during a raid.
    Do not Fail RP. (ex. Raiding as a Hobo)
    Do not RDM(Rdm: The act where you kill someone for no reason. You must have an RP Reason to kill, Otherwise it's RDM.)
    Do not abuse your job or you will be banned for it.
    If you have died in a raid you must wait till the raider says "raid over".
    No big dupes of any kind that will lag the server.(break your dupes down into seperate smaller dupes)
    If you AFK change your job to AFK (type /job AFK)
    Exploits of any kind are Bannable.
    Auto collectors ARE allowed.
    Moving auto collectors are NOT allow (Spinning and Sliding or Wheel).
    Do not not prop climb (Make it look legit).
    Do not abuse the advanced duplicator tool.
    No custom trails.
    Do not metagame (Posting in-game information in ooc, using printer sparks as evidence to warrent, etc)
    You are allowed to counter-mug and kidnap if you advert it.
    You are allowed to kill someone if they have killed someone in your party and you saw it.
    Do NOT abuse any loopholes in the rules, contact a super admin so they can fix it.
    Do NOT afk printer farm
    Do not use any type of script
    Do not force change ur job to any on duty jobs or master thief using console.
    Do not impersonate staff.
    You can not build on sidewalks or roads.
    You must advert carjack
    Raids may only last up to 15 minutes.
    No invisible prop's
    Do NOT copy and paste any links in chat. (Verbal Warn, Instant Kick, PermaBan)
    Do NOT use autocollectors on the hp/armor dispensers it is an instaban.
    Do NOT ask for items such as ranks or money you will be slayed!
    You can warn for major disrespct!
    Do not use chain adverts, at most you can have ONE action on ONE bind. (etc. raid/raid over, pd raid/raid, things like these arent allowed)

    No overly hard mazes in your base
    No solid black props
    Only two fading doors per base
    Must use buttons/keypads to open fading doors No using keyboard keys to open doors

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